How to use vlc player to share files between iPhone and pc

How to use vlc player to share files between iPhone and pc 

If you an iPhone user, then you can understand the real pain, where you have very few options if you want to transfer files from your pc to iPhone. Even if you’re going to transfer a simple media file, then it gets super annoying for you.

There is only a known option to you all is via iTunes. And we all know how much time it takes. And if you have an mp4 or MKVfile, then you will need to convert it into ios default format, i.e., MOS.

But we have done some research for you, and we have brought you a way to share your music and video files without iTunes. Yes, you heard me correct, you can share files from your pc to your iPhone without iTunes over wifi.

Here is the way, how How to use vlc player to share files between iPhone and pc

  1. Getting the mobile VLC sharing server
  • Download and install the VLC media player for ios on your iPhone.
  • When you open the app, there will an app icon for the VLC media player; click on that.
  • On the left dropdown menu, you will get different kinds of options there.
  • There you will find an option which will say, sharing via wifi.
  • Switch the toggle bar to on option, as you can see in the picture that, you will get an IP address and a local address, you can note down both or one.

  1. Getting your pc ready
  • Open the default web browser on your pc.
  • Enter the IP address or local address shown in the VLC media player app. You can see in the above picture.
  • As you can see in the below image when you will put either of the address in your browser.
  • Then it will open a VLC sharing portal on your browser; now, you are ready to download and upload files.

  1. Transferring the files
  • Uploading files- on the VLC sharing portal, you will see an add button on the top right corner as a ( +) sign. Just click on that, and then you can pick the file from the pc you want to share over to your iPhone. Either music or video files, once it is uploaded, you can find it in the VLC library.
  • Downloading files- In the lower section of the sharing portal, you will see thumbnails of the files on your phone, from there, you can download files over to your pc. Just click on the thumbnail and download it.

  1. Show on– This is how easy it is, now you can find the videos or audios in your VLC library. And you do not have to arrange it, because VLC does it for you. It arranges the files by its name. If you cannot find a file in your phone even when you have uploaded it, then kindly check if you have added (.acc or .mp3) in the file names.

So this is how you can use vlc player to share files between iPhone and pc. This is a very easy and tested method, so you follow the instructions I have discussed above. You can take reference from the pictures also if you are getting any trouble.

Do try this method once and let us know how was your experience or if you have faced any issues. Feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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