How to Get Free Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10


You may be very well aware of PowerToys services if you have used or have used Windows 95 or Windows XP in some of your old computers. Microsoft released PowerToys for Windows 95 and Windows XP operating systems, free tools/tools. To improve functionality with Windows 95/XP and to add new exciting features to the OS, Microsoft released PowerToys.

TweakUI was the best and most popular PowerToy for Windows 95 and XP. It was an incredible Windows lightweight tool that allows Windows design and features to be modified and adjusted. TweakUI can be considered as an excellent method to tweak the Windows OS.

TweakUI can be regarded as a great tweak for Windows OS. No old tweak tool will equal the good TweakUI. Certain PowerToys for Windows 95 and XP were also released by Microsoft only. Many of these PowerToys also operate with Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, including the Winter Fun Wallpaper Changer, Image Resizer, Clear Form Tuner, Calculator Plus, Virtual Desktop Manager, ISO Image Burner, etc.

Brief Description

Unfortunately, Microsoft has kept PowerToys from operating for a long time, and none of them runs on Windows 10. Now for Windows 10 owners, there is good news.

Microsoft has vowed to get PowerToys for Windows 10, and they’re here finally! A Windows key overlay and a system window administrator allow you to go beyond two separate snapping modes include the first preview update.

The PowerToys from third-party websites can be downloaded–select the PowerToysSetup.msi file. They are open-source and free to use!

You will see a PowerToys logo in your screen area after you download and install PowerToys. Tap to open the Preferences tab of PowerToys.

These aren’t different apps, unlike the former PowerToys for Windows XP. You can also download and install one large PowerToys package. You will choose from the Preferences window in which PowerToyshasbeen enabled.


For Windows 10 April 2018 update (version 1803 / 10.0.17134 build) or above, you can enable and use the latest PowerToys. The installer is supplied as Windows Instant (MSI) format and can be used on other computers without the need for an internet connection. This way, it is an entirely standalone offline installer.

PowerToys for Windows 10

This is only the first upgrade, and Microsoft is planning to release many more instruments. If the latest PowerToys behave like the current PowerToys, you can see what functionality of upcoming Windows releases are combined.

The following utilities are provided in PowerToys for Windows 10:

  • FancyZones
  • Windows key Shortcut Guide
  • PowerRename


FancyZones allows users to monitor when and how a Windows 10 device opens every different program window. It has been designed to enable multiple tasks. A collection of screen window positions, drag destinations for system windows, can be listed. The window will be resized and repositioned to fill the space as you move a window to a location.

For example, you may use FancyZones to create a desktop for Windows 10, where Outlook gets always displayed on a desktop right, Twitter, or other social media on the left and where Word or Excel is still shown in the middle of the desktop. There would always be three separate and perpetual zones. You can also accessFancyZones using WIN+~ hotkey.

Windows key Shortcut Guide

All convenient keyboard shortcuts on the latest Windows 10 desktop are as shown in this Windows key shortcut document. This PowerToygets activated by keeping the Windows key for the specified time in the setup of the device. 900ms are the case. Now you will not have to recall all of the shortcut combinations associated with Windows. Once the Windows key is released, the guide disappears.


The Windows 10 PowerToyPowerRename provides advanced tools to rename file names in large part. The user attaches a PowerRename entry in a File Explorer to the Windows Shell Context Menu. With PowerRename enabled, your toolset is completed with a simple search and substitution or more powerful regular expression matching the bulk renaming process. 

A preview area is shown when searching and replacing processes to enable users to see how file names will change before the action starts. Through clicking on the icon for its system tray or choosing the PowerToys from the application list of Start Menu, you will activate/disable or configure this PowerToys.

Do not panic if you think there are few PowerToys in total! For addition, other PowerToys will also introduce for Windows 10: 

  • Maximize on the new desktop monitor — MTND shows a pop-up button if a user hovers on any application window with the maximize/restore icon. If you press, a new desktop is built, the device will send to that desktop, and the new desktop app is optimized.
  • Termination of System device 
  • The computer recording is animated gif


Windows 10 PowerToys provides resources and apps which can improve efficiency and enjoy the benefits of Windows users. During the years, many users have depended on the daily computer productivity of one or more of the PowerToys. PowerToys enhance their quality of life for many power users.

In addition to making consumers more efficient, PowerToys also offered an insight into which apps and technologies might become an integral component of Windows in the future. Many of these previously independent methods during their next implementation have become another component of the operating system.