Never Miss a Birthday with Facebook Email Reminders

Keeping track of everything in a busy life can be a little tricky. Well, leaving reminders for events can be a good option. But what about birthdays? You cannot just go to every date, match it with your friend’s birthday, and then set it to buzz. And so, there is another solution, the solution which is a gift of Facebook.

Facebook Email Reminders

Facebook Email Reminder is a notification service thatsends a mail to your Email, which is connected to your Facebook account. The reminders can be of events, parties, and especially for birthdays. Well, in this way, you can get reminded for birthdays of all those special ones without even checking your Facebook. And this is its best advantage – ‘You Don’t Have to Login to Facebook.’

The service was automatically activated on earlier Facebook profiles. But for new profiles, due to privacy issues, the service was deactivated. But worry not, you can enable it back.

Benefits of Facebook Email Reminders

There are many advantages of subscribing to Facebook Email Reminders. Some of these are mentioned here.

  • It reminds you of every event and birthday related to your Facebook account.
  • You don’t have to open your Facebook account, check your mail, and everything that’s happening there on Facebook will now be on your Email.
  • The Notification service is free.
  • You can unsubscribe to it anytime.
  • You can also subscribe to specialized notifications in case you don’t want Facebook to notify you about any event or any Birthday. In this case, it will inform you about other happening related to your Facebook Profile.
  • You can choose on which Email; the notifications will be sent to.
  • Subscribing to this service is very easy.

Activating Facebook Email Reminders

Enabling Facebook Email Reminders is very easy. Just follow the steps below and get notified of all those birthday notifications.

  • The first step is to log in to your Facebook account.
  • The next step is to open settings.
  • In Settings, go to Account Setting.
  • Under Account Setting, find an option labeled as Notifications.
  • In this part of the notification menu, you will be able to set reminders for all the Facebook activities and events.
  • To do this, check ‘All Notifications, Except the ones you Unsubscribe From.’

So, here it is. Following these easy steps, you can get a notification on your mail every time an event or a birthday shows on Facebook.

Not Getting Mail Notifications?

Even after following these steps, you are not getting notified about any birthday event; you might have to recheck your settings. Check if you have unsubscribed for any birthdays or not. If yes, subscribe to it again, and then, you can finally get a notification for your friends’ birthdays.

The Email Notifications might be receiving in your spam box. So, if you are not getting them, you might also want to check for any similar spam mails. If such a thing happens, check such mails as ‘Not Spam,’ and your mailing platform will send these notification emails directly to Your Mail Inbox.

You also have to check if the mails are reaching the correct mail address. On Facebook, we can add multiple mailing addresses. So, if you are having such a case, you might need to check if the receiving mail in your settings is your default mail account or not.

Unsubscribing to Facebook Notification Reminder

Although this is a useful feature, it might be a little clingy for people having a lot of Facebook friends. Well, a lot of friends mean a lot of birthdays and events. And hence, in every case, Facebook will send you notifications. And what more, it will also send you information for any unread messages in your Facebook account. Eventually, your mail inbox will be loaded with a lot of trash mails. So, to get rid of this problem, prioritize your notifications. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Go to Account Settings.
  • Under Account Settings, select Notifications.
  • In the Email options for Notifications, either select ‘No Notifications’ or if you still want to get notified about events at least, unsubscribe to ‘Weekly Birthday Notifications.’

In this way, you will no longer receive notification emails from Facebook.

Final Verdict

Facebook sends the notification regarding birthdays in the morning. So, you can wish your friends and plan a birthday bash starting early morning. You can unsubscribe it too if you want. But well, since Facebook doesn’t charge you for it, why not try it a bit more.

How to use vlc player to share files between iPhone and pc

How to use vlc player to share files between iPhone and pc 

If you an iPhone user, then you can understand the real pain, where you have very few options if you want to transfer files from your pc to iPhone. Even if you’re going to transfer a simple media file, then it gets super annoying for you.

There is only a known option to you all is via iTunes. And we all know how much time it takes. And if you have an mp4 or MKVfile, then you will need to convert it into ios default format, i.e., MOS.

But we have done some research for you, and we have brought you a way to share your music and video files without iTunes. Yes, you heard me correct, you can share files from your pc to your iPhone without iTunes over wifi.

Here is the way, how How to use vlc player to share files between iPhone and pc

  1. Getting the mobile VLC sharing server
  • Download and install the VLC media player for ios on your iPhone.
  • When you open the app, there will an app icon for the VLC media player; click on that.
  • On the left dropdown menu, you will get different kinds of options there.
  • There you will find an option which will say, sharing via wifi.
  • Switch the toggle bar to on option, as you can see in the picture that, you will get an IP address and a local address, you can note down both or one.

  1. Getting your pc ready
  • Open the default web browser on your pc.
  • Enter the IP address or local address shown in the VLC media player app. You can see in the above picture.
  • As you can see in the below image when you will put either of the address in your browser.
  • Then it will open a VLC sharing portal on your browser; now, you are ready to download and upload files.

  1. Transferring the files
  • Uploading files- on the VLC sharing portal, you will see an add button on the top right corner as a ( +) sign. Just click on that, and then you can pick the file from the pc you want to share over to your iPhone. Either music or video files, once it is uploaded, you can find it in the VLC library.
  • Downloading files- In the lower section of the sharing portal, you will see thumbnails of the files on your phone, from there, you can download files over to your pc. Just click on the thumbnail and download it.

  1. Show on– This is how easy it is, now you can find the videos or audios in your VLC library. And you do not have to arrange it, because VLC does it for you. It arranges the files by its name. If you cannot find a file in your phone even when you have uploaded it, then kindly check if you have added (.acc or .mp3) in the file names.

So this is how you can use vlc player to share files between iPhone and pc. This is a very easy and tested method, so you follow the instructions I have discussed above. You can take reference from the pictures also if you are getting any trouble.

Do try this method once and let us know how was your experience or if you have faced any issues. Feel free to let us know in the comment section.

How to create your doodle on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a social media application where you get connect with your closed ones. Nowadays, WhatsApp has become an essential application in our day to day lives. Not only it helps you connect with people but also helps to share videos, pictures, documents, and many more. One of the exciting things that they have come up with is making your doodle and share it with your contacts. Here is how you can create your doodle on WhatsApp :

Step  1: First, select the picture you want to make a doodle on from your gallery or your social media account. 

Step 2: As soon as you have made the selection of the image. Tap on the send option and, you can see various options like doodling, add emojis, and smilies.

Step 3: And then your final stage of sharing it with your contacts. 

Although WhatsApp has made the doodling feature available only for Beta users, they are soon going to make it possible for every user. With this new feature of WhatsApp, users don’t have to use any third-party app to make a doodle and then send it to their contact. They can do it in WhatsApp itself. 

How to stop Skype from starting automatically in Windows 10?

In this era of technology where everything is fast-paced, we need a few tools to get our social life get going, don’t we? Whenever we want to connect with our friends, families, or any special someone, we use voice calls and other things, but what if we’re going to have a video chat with them?

Yes, you need to use some applications that provide this facility, one of them is most thoroughly used on windows which are also known as Skype, it is a video chatting app.

Even though it’s a great tool sometimes the features it already has pre-loaded can be tough to deal with and might irritate you or give you hard times at times, which also tends to make the pc or laptop slow, it’s a big issue. The thing is Skype application has a pre-installed feature of opening automatically as the operating system starts, and it keeps on running in the background, which is irritating because it makes our pc slow and uses RAM unnecessarily.

Hence, the question is, is there a way to prevent the app from getting opened as we switch on our pc? Yes, there is; definitely, we will find some of the particularly obvious ways to do so further, so stay tuned. Now, let’s see how it’s done in one of the most widely used Windows operating systems of our time, i.e., Windows 10.

There are three different versions of skype that we come across usually, which are Skype, Skype Preview, Skype Business. They all have tendencies to get opened automatically as we switch on our pc and thus keep running in the background and using unnecessary RAM.

The very first version is the one we usually download for voice/video calling from our Windows 10 operating systems.

Another version, which is also known as Skype Preview, comes into the picture, which works in Windows 10 and is a lighter version of Skype that is there already on all the windows ten operating systems, which has received the anniversary update of Windows 10.

And the last version is ‘Skype Business,’ which is used for business purposes in general, and this full version is used as a part of the Windows 10 operating system. 

First of all, let’s take the example of a full version ‘Skype’ desktop app. Once the full version is successfully downloaded and installed on the operating system, you will find it popping up automatically on your computer as your computer starts; it will even provide you the option of signing up if you aren’t a user already if you are a customer who already uses Skype it will sign in you automatically with your operating system and will keep running in the background and use the unnecessary processing of RAM on your Windows 10.

Following are some of the rather easy way to stop the app from opening and running in the background automatically:

  1. At first, open the Skype app on your desktop, which can be done by clicking on the desktop shortcut or going to Start Menu>All programs> there you will find a list of apps click skype on it. After doing this, sign in to your skype account if you aren’t signed in already(you are signed in already mostly).
  2. Now that you have done all that, click on the tools option in the top menu bar further clicking on options after that click on the option ‘Start Skype when I start Windows’ to uncheck it and then click on save.
  3. After that when you have done all that Skype will stop popping in your operating system as soon as it starts, it’s only going to open when you click on the shortcut icon or in the start menu, after this you can stop being annoyed by this.

Let’s talk about the Skype Preview app: Once you click on the icon of Skype Preview, it will signal you to use your unique Microsoft id and password to open it. Once you have done that it stays like that and now whenever you turn on your pc it will automatically turn on and keep running in the background, this will continue for every time whenever you sign in, to prevent this from happening here is what you need to do:

· Go to the start menu and then go to ‘Skype Preview’ icon and click on it, now click on your profile picture icon which is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. Now scroll down to the bottom of the screen and further click on the sign-out option, what this will do is sign you out of the Skype Preview app and restrict it from opening further on your Windows 10 operating system.

Now, talking about the last Skype for Business application, you can make use of the given steps to stop it from opening every time you open your pc.

  • Similarly, click on the start menu and then go to the Skype for Business icon now sign in to Skype for Business account using your Microsoft unique user id and password in case you haven’t signed in already.
  • Click on the small Down-arrow button, located after the wheel icon. From the drop-down click on tools and then options, on the options screen, click on the Personal tab in the side menu and then click on the ‘Automatically Start the app when I log on to the windows’ it will uncheck the box. Lastly, click on OK to save the changes we made in the Skype Business App.

These steps are how we prevent Skype from opening every time we log into our operating system. After you have followed the steps given here, if still, the problem persists, which definitely should not happen then it means there are some bugs in your applications, you need to uninstall the app and reinstall it and follow the given steps. 

That is everything you need to prevent your skype application from opening and enjoy its functions without being annoyed.

How to Stop Google From Listening to You *FIX*

Privacy is undoubtedly the biggest concern of every individual in the current world. It doesn’t feel very comfortable when you come to know that someone is always keeping an eye on your every moment.

When they know where you are going, what you are ordering, what you are searching for, what you are watching e.t.c. You surely feel unsafe. Unfortunately, in this highly advanced technological world, this is what is happening.

The world’s best search engine Google is standing as one of those privacy robbers round the clock. In this article, we will be telling you about the information that Google has been storing or recording, how you can delete that recorded data, and finally, how to stop Google from listening to you any more.

Okay Google:

Google is one of the tech giants, which is helping many lives easier and happier. It doesn’t matter what you want to know, say “Okay Google” and everything is on your mobile screen. The photos that you need, the route that you should follow to reach your destination, the apps that you want to install, the cloud space that you need, everything is on Google.

Thus your life is easy now. Till here it is okay. But there is something else that your Google is doing that you hardly notice.

You ask Google about the cost of saying puma shoes, and it displays the info. Later, you can see some adds related to puma shoes from amazon or Flipkart or any other company appearing on your chrome or directly on your phone.

Now the question is, how did they know that you require shoes? And the answer to this question is Google itself. This is just one of those million activities that Google performs.

When you want to find a route to your destination using your google maps, you get advertisements and messages from the apps like OYO and Goibibo, regarding the hotels that are available in the area that you want to go.

All these are proof to say that Google is recording your private information and is utilizing this information in one or another manner.

When U.S. Congress questioned Google regarding this, they said, “we save information to improve user’s experience and fetch them the results that they actually want.” to some extent, this is true and necessary but is unsafe when the limits are crossed. How ever, that was the small history behind the relationship between Google and your information. Now let us see how we can stop Google from hearing what you say. 

Procedure to shut it down:

All the searches that you do manually or through voice control are recorded in Google’s ‘My Activity.’ in order to stop Google from saving your personal information, all you need to do is to go to ‘My Activity’ and delete the information there and deactivate the permissions that you have given to Google. In order to do this, follow these steps.

Go to Settings -> Google -> My Account -> Voice and Audio Activity 

Once you reach here, you can delete all the audio clips that Google has recorded till date by following the below steps,

Press that three vertical dotted icons on the top right corner of your mobile. That is the options button.

Options -> Delete Activity by

Now, if you want to delete all the data, you can do it by selecting an all-time activity, or if you want to delete the Activity till a certain period, you can do that by selecting the date from where you want to delete or the date till where you want to delete.

If you want to hear what all your google assistant has recorded, you can do that by following the below steps.

 After going to Voice and Audio Activity, go to Manage Activity. Here you can find all the audio that your Google assistant has recorded and can hear it by playing them. Here there is an option for you to delete each item by selecting them. Thus you can delete the previously recorded Activity.

By following the above steps, you can delete all the Activity that has been recorded to date. If you no longer want Google to record your information, then you can pause the recording option. You can do this by turning off the Voice and Audio Activity.

When you do this, your Google assistant will no longer work on your phone. If you want to make it work again, you need to give it the permission that you have just deactivated.

Not just your voice-controlled Activity, but you can delete all other activities that Google has been recording like your searches on chrome, Youtube, or the list of apps that you have used e.t.c. all this information is present in your “My Activity.” you can select each domain and delete them just like the Voice and Audio Activity.