DGCustomerfirst – Dollar General’s Customer Satisfaction Survey [Full Procedure]


Did you recently visit the dollar general store? You want to give your feedback, then have a chance and win $100 or more gift cards.

If you have five minutes to take part in the DGCustomerfirst satisfaction survey, then go with this article here we will provide detail information about the review, note all the points and take the survey and get a chance to win free coupons or rewards.

Dollar General is an American store, which is having a variety of stores inside and sell all the home need products. In the present day, every company wants to know about services, quality, and how much customers satisfied.

Take Survey    (or)  Give Feedback

For that, all the companies collect feedback from their customers.

DGCustomerFirst Survey – WWW.DGCustomerfirst.COM

Recently the company decided to see the customer’s feedback about their service and the quality of their products and about their staff for that management conducted guest satisfaction survey ( DGCUSTOMERFIRST) survey.

It’s an online guest satisfaction survey, and people should give the survey if they want to win free rewards from the stores.

Dollar General survey is an online survey, it was available for all the customers who want to give their feedback or who are having the interest to tell their view about the company.

DGCustomerfirst survey having a set of rules to participate in the survey, people who want to participate in the DollarGeneral survey must follow all the below rules. If not, you will not enter into the survey and missed a chance to win survey coupons.

How to take DGCustomerFirst Survey?

  1. You must purchase a Dollar General product and save your recent purchase receipt.
  2. You must visit the online website, online DGCustomerFirst.com survey to be eligible for the coupon
  3. Must be a US resident
  4. Customer who are participating in the survey they Must be 18+ years old
  5. The people who are working in the stores and their family members will not be eligible to take the survey.
  6. You can use your receipt only once.


If you lived in the United States, then you already have known about your local store dollar General store and the survey which they will conduct every year. The review is open for only their customers who are willing to give their feedback either negative or positive, but management gives importance for your survey.

So to improve customer satisfaction, these stores decided to conduct a review on their official website. When you enter into the following general store survey, you need to enter all your details from your recent purchase receipt.

So people who want to give their survey they need to visit the official site to take part in the survey, but the survey takes a few minutes from you. For your time management, appreciate you by giving rewards and gift coupons.

Before participating in this follow general survey you need to know all the survey details, your survey will be having set of questions about your recent visit to the store, it’s not typical to answer you will be having simple Questions but the people who are visiting the store you have to answer correctly about your experience.

Here we will provide the survey procedure and how to give your survey and which questions are involved.

  1. If you want to participate in the survey, you need to visit the official website https://www.dgcustomerfirst.com, enter this in your address bar and get a chance to give the survey.

Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Surveyac

2. Now you have to enter your recent visit store number and time you visit the store, and it will be printed on your receipt. Enter the number in the provided fields.

3. And your receipt number, you have to provide it on your survey website (it was 15 digits unique code it would be printed on the bottom of your receipt).

4. Now your survey was started, survey questions will be displayed on your screen, answer all the questions honestly.


5. And finally, you will be taken to the final page where they will be asked you to enter your full name, a valid phone number, and an e-mail address you need to provide all the details correctly if you win the rewards they will notify you.


People who will complete their survey they must remember you can use your coupon in limited time because if you cross your coupon validity date, your coupon will be expired and you miss your chance to win the coupon.

The people who are giving their survey have a chance to win their coupons and rewards; you can use it in the stores. Dollar General stores almost having all the brands, and it is popular to serve their products and brands. And the store offers quality good to its customers.

The first and foremost thing is you should know how to participate in the DGCustomer survey. It’s online guest satisfaction survey if you want to give you must visit the official website of the dollar general survey website, here we will provide the official website details click on the link and give your feedback. dgcustomerfirst.com.

You need to enter this URL on your site. Once you launched on this site, you can take part in this survey. DGCustomerFirst is an online guest satisfaction survey. It consists of straightforward questions about your recent experience at the stores.

The review is having questions about the levels of satisfaction, products they offer, prices, the cleanliness, and the behavior of their staff. You will get all your questions about the recent experience at the store.

For which you have to give your time and give your honest feedback & help the management to improve their services.

People who visited the stores recently and made a purchase with them they will have a chance to give the survey if you do not have a receipt you may not allow to take the survey.

But the people who will not visit the store may have the chance to give their feedback, but you will not allow sweepstakes. It’s an online survey and simple. This survey doesn’t take more time from you, so you must give the review and win coupons.

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